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Get Oregon Trail: The Play! by A.J. Allegra

Good news about Oregon Trail: The Play! That dark comedy that "keeps the biting laughs flowing like a cholera-laced stream" (The Times-Picayune) is now available on Amazon. Order now, and you'll have your copy before we will! You read that right - we won't have our copies from the printer until just before The New Orleans Bookfair on Saturday December 10th at Clouet Gardens, where A.J. will be on signing copies from 2:30 to 5.

But due to the wonders of the internet and Prime shipping, you could have this in your hand in two days! And what better way could there be to celebrate the holiday season then to gather your loved ones around (except for the children - send them from the room), lock and load your nerf gun, and you'll have everything you need to stage this nostalgic journey westward through the most traumatizing/beloved computer game of your childhood.

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