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Who we are

Alligator Pear Publishing, LLC, is based in New Orleans, LA. We started publishing plays in 2015 because we were excited by the original voices we were seeing on regional stages. Some challenging but lyricly beautiful, others as enjoyable as they are subversive. We're branching to other genres starting in 2018, but our first three publications are essentially a hitlist of our favorite voices from our hometown theater community.

Available Now

Our first publication is a play by Louisiana native, Andrew Vaught. Andy's creative verve has been energizing the New Orleans theater community since his joint founding of The Cripple Creek Theater Company in 2006. Robin Hood (thief, brigand) was commissioned by The NOLA Project. Its world premier was in May 2015, at the Sydney and Walda Bestoff Sculpture Garden and was co-produced by The NOLA Project and the New Orleans Museum of Art. Read more about this irreverent take on a classic tale here.


A Blinded Horse Dreams of Hippocampi & Other Plays is a collection of poetic and unexpected plays by Justin Maxwell. Known for his absurdist visions of talking carrier pigeons (An Outopia for Pigeons) and serial killer support groups (Your Lithopedion). Justin is Assistant Professor of Playwrighting at The University of New Orleans Creative Writing Workshop. Read more about this unusual and exciting collection and where you can get your copy here.

A.J. Allegra's Oregon Trail: The Play!  is an uproarious comedy honoring/skewering the most traumatizing/beloved of educational video games. The Times-Picayune described a 2013 production of the play aptly: "[Allegra] keeps the biting laughs flowing like a cholera-laced stream. With quicksilver wit, Allegra topples the overt racism and sexism of some earlier depictions of history." Read more about Oregon Trail: The Play! (and where you can get yours) here

Coming Soon

In 2018, we'll have a change of pace with the release of Creole Storyteller, Catholic Knight, a biography written by one Catholic Church historian - Charles E. Nolan - about another - Roger Baudier, Sr. Started in 1984 and finished recently, this biography came to our attention for the simple reason that the subject is the great-grandfather of Alligator Pear's founder. However, through one life, a broader story is being told about New Orleans' Creole and Catholic culture and history. An orphan, raised by an elderly Creole aunt in the French Quarter, Roger grew up in the Church that he later dedicated his life to promoting and documenting. Baudier was a long-time editor of The Catholic Action of the South (precursor to The Clarion Herald) where he also penned a column on New Orleans Creole culture entitled "Historic Old N'Orleans." He was a prolific writer on many topics, but especially the Catholic Church, as evidenced by his largest work - The Catholic Church in Louisiana, a reference book detailing the history of every parish in the state. For these accomplishments and others, later in life, he both was granted an honorary doctorate by Notre Dame Seminary and was appointed a Knight of the Order of St. Gregory by Pope Pius XII in 1943.

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—Robin Baudier, Founder of Alligator Pear Publishing

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