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Robin Hood is a thief and brigand who steals from the rich to give to the poor—simple enough. But what happens when a thief and brigand is a little too good at his job? The play follows Robin and his band of Merry Men, who accidentally intercept a chest full of 100,000 gold coins on its way to Austria. What they believe to be a great bounty stolen from the land’s wealthiest citizens turns out, in fact, to be a ransom payment for King Richard, who is imprisoned in Austria while on a religious crusade. Robin and his men distribute the stolen gold to the land’s poor. But when Richard’s brother, the oppressive Prince John, finds out that the land’s poorest citizens are quickly becoming distinctly Middle-Class, he is incensed and vows to destroy the man they call Robin Hood.


Robin Hood (thief, brigand) is a timely play that investigates class inequality by turning power upside down—sometimes literally. Rich become poor, weak become strong, women take the helm, and Robin Hood will be forced to question everything he believes. Nothing’s the same as your father’s Robin Hood, except for all the fun to be had along the way.


“It is a show that hits its every target with the precision of the legendary archer… Vaught’s script concisely unpacks a contemporary examination of social justice, class structure and the treatment of the poor within an affluent society. Fear not, however, this is hardly a dull manifesto on economic theories.”

–The Times Picayune


“The evening is full of wit, passion and exhilarating audience participation… Andrew Vaught’s script captures the speech and spirit of the time, and contains admirably well-written parts for women.”

-The New Orleans Advocate


“Written by local playwright Andrew Vaught, this show is a fun, quick-paced adaptation of the classic tale… While there are many versions of the Robin Hood story, Vaught’s mix of humor and social commentary makes the show fresh. He manages this by making the bad guys silly and the good guys sincere (and sometimes silly).”

-Gambit Weekly


Andrew Vaught grew up in Covington Louisiana where he learned how to make theatre in a barn with a tin roof. And wasp nests. He writes plays about monster truck drivers, unwise explorers, and believes firmly in inanimate objects speaking their piece on the stage.

Robin Hood (thief, brigand)

by Andrew Vaught

Copies are availabe for sale in New Orleans at Tubby & Coo's Mid-City Book Shop and Octavia Books.

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