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A Blinded Horse Dreams of HipPOCAMPI & Other Plays

by Justin Maxwell

These short plays are a collection of the poetic and unexpected. They include unassigned dialog and scene order determined by the spinning of a wheel. A chorus of seahorses sings, a car and a store have relationship problems, and Van Gogh meditates on his own death. Each play offers a fundamentally different moral compass to guide away from loneliness and fear. It is this compass that sets the course through this lyrical and unique collection.


A Blinded Horse Dreams of Hippocampi

Inspiration Point

I’m in Al-Qaeda: a comedy of manners


~6x³=SAFETY: a comedic list poem

My Rich Temple

Old MacDonald Dirge

Patience on the Way to Daylight: an Ars Poetica farce

Exhausted Paint: the Death of Van Gogh

“Greil Marcus would love these plays, and I think you will too, even if you find them startling, disruptive and yes, impossible. They teach us to dream again. And that’s as wondrous strange as any new world-theatre should be.”

—Foreword by Caridad Svich, 2012 OBIE Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

Justin Maxwell lives in New Orleans. He teaches playwriting in the Creative Writing Workshop at the University of New Orleans. His plays have been produced around the country, and his prose has appeared in a host of different publications. His play, Your Lithopedion, is available from Indie Theatre Now. His newest play, Niagra Falls will  premiere at The Theater on St. Claude in January of 2017.

Copies are availabe for sale in New Orleans at Tubby & Coo's Mid-City Book Shop

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