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Oregon Trail: The Play! by A.J. Allegra

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Creole Storyteller, Catholic Knight:

A biography of Roger Baudier

by Charles E. Nolan

Creole Storyteller, Catholic Knightis the life story of New Orleans native and historian, Roger Baudier. However, through one life, a broader story is being told about New Orleans' Creole and Catholic culture and history.


An orphan, raised by an elderly Creole aunt in the French Quarter, Roger grew up in the Church that he later dedicated his life to promoting and documenting. Baudier was a long-time editor of The Catholic Action of the South (precursor to The Clarion Herald) where he also penned a column on New Orleans Creole culture entitled "Historic Old N'Orleans." He was a prolific writer on many topics, but especially the Catholic Church, as evidenced by his largest work, The Catholic Church in Louisiana,a reference book detailing the history of every parish in the state. For these accomplishments and others, later in life, he both was granted an honorary doctorate by Notre Dame Seminary and appointed a Knight of the Order of St. Gregory by Pope Pius XII in 1943.

Coming in 2018

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